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zeripath 2c1ae6c82d
Render the git graph on the server (#12333)
4 days ago
admin Pause, Resume, Release&Reopen, Add and Remove Logging from command line (#11777) 1 month ago
api/v1 Add API to update pr headBranch (#12419) 6 days ago
dev Display ui time with customize time location (#7792) 1 year ago
events Add EventSource support (#11235) 3 months ago
org Move jquery-minicolors to npm/webpack (#12305) 1 week ago
private Git 2.28 no longer permits diff with ... on unrelated branches (#12364) 1 week ago
repo Render the git graph on the server (#12333) 4 days ago
routes Move serviceworker to workbox and fix SSE interference (#11538) 2 months ago
user UserProfile Page: Render Description (#12415) 5 days ago
utils Handle push rejection message in Merge & Web Editor (#10373) 5 months ago
home.go Ensure public repositories in private organizations are visible and fix admin organizations list (#11465) 2 months ago
init.go Direct SVG rendering (#12157) 4 weeks ago
install.go models: fix xorm variable clobber (#12231) 4 weeks ago
metrics.go Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 11 months ago
swagger_json.go Add gitea-vet (#10948) 4 months ago