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3.4.8 2020-06-18

Full Changelog

Update tarball to include latest security update and updating entity browser and update helper.

3.4.7 2020-06-04

Full Changelog

Fixing the download URL for the slick_media module in order to get the tarball built.

3.4.6 2020-06-04

Full Changelog

3.4.5 2020-04-16

Full Changelog

Some bug fixes and module updates. Most notably we updated the entity browser to version 2.4. This update does not work with the inline entity form field widget we used for the image and video paragraphs. For this reason, we changed the UX those paragraphs and use the rendered entity display instead. The entity form opens in a modal.

3.4.4 2020-03-20

Full Changelog

Small fixes and updates. In preparation of a future drop of facebook instant articles support, we moved the integration code out into a separate module, which can be used by people, who want to continue using it.

3.4.3 2020-03-05

Full Changelog

Fixes and improvements related to the paragraphs module 1.11 release.

3.4.2 2020-01-22

Full Changelog

Adding the autofill feature to Thunder. Autofill can be configured to copy the input of one field into another field while typing. We use it to autofill the SEO title with the title value.

3.4.1 2019-12-19

Full Changelog

This release updates the Drupal version to 8.8.1, which is a security update. Following issues were resolved as well:

3.4.0 2019-12-05

Add Drupal 8.8 compatibility